Anhui Lion Goose Group, established in 1992 and is located in the world-renowned origin of premium feathers and down, Huoshan, Anhui Province. We are a corporate group, integrated with feather & down processing, feather & down products, home textile products of finished bedding, quilted products, feather trading, and ecological breeding.

    Situated on 396 mu (65 acers) are 70 thousand square meters of constructed buildings encompassing many modern production lines for feather processing, feather down and quilting products. Our sewing lines are equipped with state-of-the-art sewing machines enabling the sewers to work efficiently.


   Lion Goose employs over 200 persons including 12 senior managers, 130 sewing and quilting workers, 16 QA specialist, 20 packers, and 16 persons in the feather and down processing workshop. We have 150 sewing machines, 28 single needle quiltingmachines, 8 multi-needle quilting machines, 1 multi-functional garnet machine able to produce garneted batting, low melt batting and bonded fiber batting. This enables Lion Goose to provide our customers with very competitive prices, large capacity, excellent quality, and on-time delivery.

   Our feather and down processing facility has 4 wash lines, 12 single-chamber sorters, 2-3 chamber sorters, 2-6 chamber sorters, 4 blenders and 4 metal removing machines. Our annual capacity is over 1800 tons.