The Group adheres to the people-oriented enterprise, with an emphasis on cultivating team spirit to enhance and improve the quality of life for its employees. The Group established the Party committee, the League, a Trade Union, a Woman’s Organization, and a Lion Goose news magazine. We also setup a party member activity room, and a place for cultural, recreational and fitness activities. Throughout the year the Group organizes various types of technical, quality and management training as well as sports and entertainment activities on festive holidays. And at the end of each year, holds a commencement celebration to commend outstanding employees who’ve demonstrated outstanding performance and those that contributed to the betterment of the company. Through training and various activities, Lion Goose Group has cultivated a positive, healthy, and upward cultural atmosphere for its employees, encouraging everyone to learn from the experienced, share ideas, be diligent and honest with themselves, their colleagues and put forth their best efforts for the company.

Lion Goose Strategic Policy

Rooted in the earth, create a market with vertical integration, to achieve a win-win.

Lion Goose Executive Managers:  

Extraordinary thinking, ability to identify and seize opportunities, flexible with a unique personality and ability for quick decision making.

Lion Goose Department and Line Managers: 

Proficient and professional with good communication skills and able to lead their teams.

Lion Goose Workforce:

Skillful, diligent in work ethics, cherish the enterprise and love at home, refuse to accept mediocrity.

Lion Goose Spirit:

Willing, self-improvement, with integrity and dedication.

Lion Goose Cultural Characteristics: 

People’s value is beyond the value of objects, common value is beyond individual value, social value is beyond profit value, user’s value is beyond production value.

Lion Goose Operation Concept:

Gain trust with integrity, occupy the market with quality

Lion Goose Value Concept: 

Individuals have various characteristics, reward them and the fruits of their labor will come back to the company. The enterprise must contribute to society so its employees will be loyal. To gain trust you must respect people first.

Lion Goose’s Promise:

 Will not produce defective products

Lion Goose Ethics: 

Dedicate ourselves to helping society and employees, earn their trust and loyalty will follow. Respect people and provide assurance.

Lion Goose Management Concept:

Be people-oriented, kind to everyone and coexist in harmony.

Lion Goose Life Belief: 

Be the first to worry, the last to claim, happiness and devotion will follow.

Lion Goose's work style: 

Unity and cooperation from top to bottom, be conscientious and accept responsibility.

Lion Goose's Development Goal:  

To fully meet the customer’s requirements and create a well-known brand in China.