Liongoose company Party branch to carry out "review Party history to welcome 'July 1' into the red education base" theme Party Day activities

Created on:2022-12-20

 In order to commemorate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, encourage party members not to forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, promote the company's party building work to a new level, July 1, the company's Party branch organized party members to the lower Fuqiao town Sanjian shop red tourism cultural center, to carry out "review the party history to welcome 'July 1' into the red education base" theme Party Day activities, remembering revolutionary martyrs, inherit the revolutionary spirit, Take practical actions to accept the Party spirit exercise and red spirit baptism.




 During the activities, the party members visited the Sanjianpu revolutionary martyrs' Cemetery and Centennial Bridge Memorial Hall, carefully listening to the interpreter's explanation, vividly reliving the glorious history of the early activities of the Party organization, the Northeast Township riot, the Qinchong blocking war, the Heitanchong battle, as well as Cao Pinsan, Liu Jianting, Liu Yongchong and other revolutionary ancestors unremitting struggle of the glorious course, Feeling the revolutionary spirit of the heroic and indomitable predecessors. Finally, every Party member in the face of the bright red Party flag, hold high the right fist, solemnly oath, further strengthen the consciousness of party membership, always remember the Party's kindness, strive to be an excellent Party member in the new era.