The Group held the "Golden List Title" symposium for employees' children in 2023

Created on:2023-08-22

  On the afternoon of August 21, 2023, the "Golden List title" symposium of employees' children in 2023 was held in the conference room of the Group. More than 20 people, including 10 students and parents, attended the symposium. Zhang Yanxin, Vice President Gao Yun, Wang Xufang and Du Xiangqin, director of the home textile workshop, attended the symposium.


      At the symposium, Chairman Zhang Yanxin, on behalf of the company, extended warm congratulations to the students who were named in the Jinbang! Zhang pointed out that the enterprise is a big family, the company and employees share weal and woe. The golden list title of employees' children is the personal honor of students, the honor of parents, and the honor of Yilong. Employee children college entrance examination golden list of enterprise awards, is a long tradition, reflects the enterprise people-oriented, care for employees of the cultural concept, for the promotion of positive energy, to create a civilized and harmonious internal atmosphere of the enterprise has important practical significance. Entering the university is a major turning point in the road of life, is an important stage to improve oneself in an all-round way, shape the world outlook and values, and should be cherished. And put forward three suggestions:

      First, entering the university, we should continue to study hard, aspire to become talented, and establish the goal of life; The second is to know gratitude, gratitude for the selfless cultivation of parents and the care of the big social family, with excellent performance to return parents, return to society; Three must always remember that they are the children of Yilong, the children of China, and the inheritors of Chinese culture.

     Finally, he encouraged the students to succeed in their studies and report good news to their families and companies with excellent performance! The students and their parents were greatly encouraged by Zhang's enthusiastic speech.

    The students and parents who participated in the forum shared their own feelings and experiences with everyone based on their own experiences, and thanked Yilong Group for its care and concern, and said that they should cherish the hard-won happy life, forge ahead and continue to fight hard in the future work and study.