Lion Goose has specialized in the feather down industry for more than 20 years. We process and sell over 1800 tons of high quality hypoallergenic down and feathers every year.

When sourcing and processing raw material, we utilize the traditional Chinese ecological ideology, that man is an integral part of nature. We put the natural green living ideology throughout the entire production process, encouraging people to pursue health and a natural green life.

Our feather and down processing facility has 4 wash lines, 12 single-chamber sorters, 2-3 chamber sorters, 2-6 chamber sorters, 4 blenders and 4 metal removing machines. Our annual capacity is over 1800 tons.

We sell down and feathers to all international customers as well as our own domestic market. If you need responsible quality down and or feathers, please send details to Email: Lgsales@lgfeather.com for our competitive quotation.