Mr. Zhang Yanxin, president of Lion Goose Group, sincerely thanks everyone for their continued support and help to the Group.


   We are very glad to walk through the best years of our lives with everyone. To be “People oriented and consistent” is our management philosophy. “Based on the land, to create market needs, and to achieve vertical integration to have a win-win situation” is our strategic concept. “Unity and cooperation, serious and strict responsibility" is our work style. “Pursue the perfect quality, to produce first-class goods, pay attention and protect the environment, care about the green hills and blue water, paying attention to health and safety, and embody the concept of life" is the key to our sustainable operation.


   We will work harder to make tomorrow better! As a down processing and home textile manufacturer that grew up amend a midst of storms, the Lion Goose Group has achieved much success in its business, but we only regard this as the beginning. As we look towards the future, Lion Goose Group will continue to revitalize the feather industry, take the responsibility to utilize the company's professional and management advantages, to improve the industry and expand development. To more effectively, use the power of information and reform, optimize the allocation of enterprise resources to continuously improve product quality. We will be more flexible in adjusting our business strategies and product portfolios.  We’ll spare no efforts to explore new fields for the enterprises development,  so as to continuously provide the best service with new styles and features, as repayment for your love and support to us.